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We are excited to participate at WPC 2018 in Nice, France.

Come and discover, like precious “jewels,” our brand new natural and synthetic ingredients. Become inspired by our thought-leaders in sustainability, innovation and creativity.

Join us on this journey and plan a visit to our booth!

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World Perfumery Congress
June 5-7 2018  |  Palais des Congrès Nice Acropolis  |  Nice, France
Firmenich inspires the industry
Sharing innovation 2018

Captive ingredients embody the soul of Firmenich, they express our uniqueness, our difference, and our commitment to perfection.

Each year we share our innovations by releasing some of our most beautiful captive ingredients to the industry. 

Building on the success of Clearwood® and Ambrox®Super, this iconic woody amber note is Firmenich’s third bio-based ingredient, offering stable quality, as well as a reliable and sustainable supply. From the 60’s its dryness, tenacity and sleek elegance call to mind a precious wood rimmed in shining metal…
Also known as Oud Assam, and recognized as the most precious oud in the world, Aquilaria Malaccensis has been registered for use in Perfumery by Firmenich. Extracted by our #NATURALSTOGETHER partner in the historical birthplace of oud, this exclusive quality has been prized for centuries for its animalic, woody and spicy notes.
Cultivated and traditionally hand-picked by our #NATURALSTOGETHER partner in Grasse, blooming in May, also called centifolia, the extraordinary Rose de Mai Pays is extracted in our local facility into our iconic and legendary Rose Centifolia Pays Abs.
With its clean green notes and highly unusual cold effect, the powerful HIVERNAL® NEO is part of our “BEYOND MUGUET” study.
Beaming with elegant musky notes, NORLIMBANOL® DEXTRO, is a key olfactive isomer that offers the creamy warmth of amber and the traditional iconic dry woody character of the NORLIMBANOL® family.
Our Perfumers
Share Their Insights

This rose that has delighted my childhood, today sublimates my perfumes...
Fabrice Pellegrin
An exceptional quality of Oud, one of the finest and most precious natural ingredient. Its intensity majestically illuminates the animalic, woody and spicy facets.
Alberto Morillas
Master Perfumer
I remember smelling Z11 some years ago during trials for a formula which was to become one of my major successes, I came across an extremely sensual, dry woody accord contrasting with a lemony apple top note, and my fragrance was born! Today, I am pleased and proud to imagine that white Biotech secures a long and sustainable life to this unforgettable molecule.
Olivier Cresp
Master Perfumer
In order to bring modernity to my fragrances I use NORLIMBANOL® DEXTRO. It creates a kind of “Electric Wood” effect.
Olivier Cresp
Master Perfumer
HIVERNAL® NEO is a very versatile ingredient. I use it in my creations as an excellent material for Muguet profiles, providing a green transparent freshness which lasts long on substrates such as fabrics... And so powerful that a little goes a long way... !
Tony Reichert
Master Perfumer
HIVERNAL® NEO is the freshest product that exists but also the longest lasting. Freshness and long-lasting qualities normally do not coexist, and with this ingredient there is a very monolithic and linear character. Despite an aldehydic aspect, its modifying power is unequaled to bring a lot of brightness and a drenched effect to both feminine and masculine perfumes.
Harry Fremont
Master Perfumer
Within BEYOND MUGUET, LILYFLORE® impresses me by its round, velvety lily of the valley facet. It is a molecule that I find addictive even when smelled alone, like Ambrox® in the woody family! It is one of the most complete and equilibrated muguet molecules for me, with a slight lactonic facet that makes it more accessible and connects it to other floral notes like jasmine or tuberose…
Dora Baghriche
There is not only one Muguet, each of our molecules brings a key in the construction of this complex note
François-Raphael Balestra
Get inspired by
Our thought leaders
Gilbert Ghostine
Gilbert Ghostine
Tuesday 5th June at 4pm
Sharing his vision for our industry and of Firmenich's role in promoting responsible and sustainable growth, Gilbert will introduce the afternoon's three speakers : Saskia Wilson-Brown, The Institute for Art and Olfaction; Berangère Magarinos-Ruchat, Firmenich, and Armand de Villoutreys, Firmenich.

VP Global Head of Sustainability
Conference session: Celebrating the Purpose of the Perfumery Industry and the Magic of Perfumes with a Purpose
Tuesday 5th June, 4:30pm - 4:50pm
In recent years many CEOs and companies have embarked on a journey to redefine the purpose of their business and the purpose of their brands. This broad movement in today’s business is making us reflect on the purpose of our industry. While we are sometimes challenged by new consumers’ expectations our industry has made noticeable progress in sustainability. This session will discuss how our industry is reinventing our purpose. The talk will go beyond industry trends and not only discuss perfumes with purpose, but also how an iconic signature or a hero ingredient can bring meaning to a brand and help drive purpose with consumers.

Armand de Villoutreys
Armand de Villoutreys
President Perfumery & Ingredients
Key note speaker: Focusing on ‘Why’… A New Direction for Our Industry
Tuesday 5th June, 4:50pm - 5:00pm
Focusing on the question ‘Why,’ Armand will discuss how new cultural values around the world are redefining the purpose of our métier and the solutions we provide for the long-term. In a world increasingly under societal and environmental pressures, crafting perfumery and ingredients with a lasting positive impact for the consumer, the planet and our global communities is critical. Within the context of evolving socio-economic trends and shifting consumer behaviors, this talk will focus on the future role of fragrance, both globally and individually.

Jerry Vittoria
President, Fine Fragrance Worldwide
Industry leader panel discussion: Future-Proofing the Industry
Wednesday 6th June, 4:00pm - 4:50pm
What are the biggest changes that will shape the fragrance industry in the next decade? The panel will discuss the state of the fragrance business and market, as well as key challenges and opportunities in the near term. Discussion points include:

• Current and forecasted economic trends
• Market, consumer and retail trends
• Business diversification and acquisitions
• Technical innovations
• Sustainability
• Regulatory demands and transparency

Olivier Cresp
Master Perfumer
Gilles ODDON
Gilles ODDON
Senior VP of Synthesis
Master perfumer corner: A Brand New Key to Create Today the Perfume of Tomorrow
Thursday 7th June, 10:00am - 10:45am
Hedonic qualities and positive emotions have always been the main driver of Perfumers' creativity.
Today, consumers are increasingly looking for brands and products that respect both this traditional hedonic feeling and another value related at a same time to earth’s biodiversity and economic development of society.
They are also willing to know how the perfume they buy can meet these two expectations in once. From his personal perspective, Olivier Cresp will share his passion for ingredients and his concern for future generations of perfumers. How can the actual generation secure the future access to the most beautiful and rare natural ingredients and the future usage of safe, renewable and extraordinary molecules?
He will discuss how a mix of advanced research, knowledge in Naturals and Synthetics, and creative inspiration can lead to a comprehensive sustainability measurement for fragrance creation: a new way to raise the bar in fragrance composition.

Olivier Cresp will discuss live with Gilles Oddon. The duo will recount their respective knowledge in an informal and enthusiastic conversation.
Beyond the technical criteria, Olivier will showcase different creative possibilities, using responsibly sourced naturals and sustainable molecules to develop beautiful fragrances.

Olivier’s intention is to share with the attendees some hands-on insights that have helped him during his career: inspiration, positive emotions and beyond, a constructive message…how to craft art and science and measure it.

Dominique ROQUES
Dominique ROQUES
VP President Naturals, M&A, Development and Promotion
Interview: NATURALS: 5 Keys to the Future
Online video
Natural ingredients and their role and importance in Perfumery creation have come a long way in the past 5 years. This evolution, may be revolution, is drawing ever greater media attention and challenging the whole F&F Industry in its core habits and behaviors.

During the interview, Dominique will explain in "5 Keys" the major changes that already have and will continue to shape a very new scenery of Naturals, from field to bottle, for our Industry and its customers.
Climate with its compulsory integration in any strategy, Farmers who now run the game front stage, Producers who are reinventing their trade, Demand driven by the B2C tsunami and Supply searching for new geographic and technical territories.

The Ingredients team invites you on Wednesday, June 6th and Thursday, June 7th to run or walk on the wonderful "Promenade des Anglais". Come and join us at from 7:45 am to 8:45 am - 3 Promenade des Anglais (Galet beach).
We are proud to announce that Tony Reichert, Master Perfumer at Firmenich, will be honored by the American Society of Perfumers (ASP) with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the World Perfumery Congress on June 7, 2018.
As a co-founder of GRASSE EXPERTISE™ we will proudly showcase the trophy on our booth! Building on our Naturals sourcing strategy and Center of Expertise for Naturals in Grasse, this is a new hallmark of excellence and distinction.
The Magic of Craftmanship
Behind the Scenes
Hand-crafted glass globes for our blotters – Biot (South of France)
Hand-crafted oakwood for our booth – Callian (South of France)
Precious ingredients prepared by our experts – Grasse (South of France)
Delicate Rose de mai, captured by our photo artist – Grasse (South of France)
Preparing with care our Sharing Innovation 18 sample boxes
Blotters specially printed to smell our Sharing Innovation 18 selection
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