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Smart Solutions for the Future of Protein
Firmenich’s Smart Protein portfolio of flavor ingredients address customer needs in alternative proteins. This portfolio has been designed to perform in a range of protein bases while addressing the declaration challenges of cleaner and more transparent labelling. We enable you to create vegetarian and vegan alternatives to traditional meat and dairy based products in savory, sweet and beverages. We can support you in creating healthy and memorable eating experiences beyond current flavor boundaries where animal derivatives are no longer ‘center of plate.’
Why Smart?
Why Smart?
‘Green’ or ‘alternative’ protein are general terms used by the food industry to describe proteins that are not derived from traditional meat or dairy sources.

Our approach is different. We are not just looking at how to make pea or soy proteins palatable, instead we are looking at the challenge of using alternative proteins holistically. Our solutions focus on the total eating experience to address all product development needs, which we feel is the “smart” way.
Making Healthy
Taste Delicious
Making Healthy
Taste Delicious
For the past 5 years, Firmenich has conducted cross-category research, working with external partners, internal experts and new acquisitions, to develop a range of tools and technologies that address the primary challenges associated with taste in non-animal protein including off-notes, flavor binding and release, succulence, texture control, and ingredient interactions during processing. We are creating solutions regardless of application, including vegetarian and vegan options that address the most important element of any food or beverage: taste. Taste remains the most important driver of consumer preference.
For Good, Naturally
For Good, Naturally
Firmenich is committed to not only helping you bring Smart solutions to market but also leading the fight against the larger sustainability issues facing the food industry. We are working hard towards ensuring our growing global population has access to healthy, sustainable, and affordable sources of protein.

We combine outstanding innovation with traditional farming and sourcing, establishing sustainable processes that respect both the plant and the environment.
The Flexitarian Challenge
The Flexitarian Challenge
With the rise of the Flexitarian diet, it is important to not only create tasty solutions for today’s meal expectations but to anticipate and imagine the future of food.

Consumers have spoken: they are keen to change to less meat, yet they are faced, daily with inescapable tensions that prevent them.

Firmenich & Campus have brought together a multidisciplinary team led by our Chef Designers to create the future in plant protein dishes that address these tensions, to expand and create new markets for you.
Firmenich conducted a comprehensive qualitative digital ethnography study to unlock the tensions that consumers need help with when aiming to reduce their meat intake. Food & Beverages companies must help consumers overcome these before a change in diet and a flexitarian life style can become mainstream. Below is an introduction into what we learned:
Resolve Social & Family Pressures +
More than 75% of the households we studied included meat-eaters who did not have the same aligned goal as the flexitarian living there.

This pressure to cater to everyone else's needs, especially in social situations, leads to creating multiple meals, going without eating, or simply giving in and just consuming meat.

To learn more about escaping this tension:

Social Family Pressure
Capture the Sting of Meat +
Meat is something loved, not just liked, by many. The sounds and smells of bacon sizzling, the crisp sear of a steak hitting a hot grill. We refer to these moments as the “sting” of meat as it interrupts and causes sudden powerful emotional flows–like a pleasant sting or rush of dopamine.

Flexitarians’ desire to revisit those cherished eating experiences that haven’t yet been recreated with plant-based foods.

To learn more about escaping this tension:

Sting of Meat
Avoid the Rut +
New Flexitarians quickly find themselves running out of options, cooking the same thing over and struggling to replace the “sting” of meat.

The solution lies in the discovery of new spice & seasoning combinations and exploring new and exciting recipes that are inspired from other cultures instead of trying to recreate traditional meat-centric meals.

To learn more about escaping this tension:

Avoiding the Rut
Move on From Imitation to Imagination +
Although replicating meat eating experiences is an important part of the overall offering to consumers, we need to look beyond this to re-imagining plant proteins and their role in the kitchen.

Firmenich uses the principles of Culinary Anthropology, putting our chefs at the forefront of exploring and identifying new ingredients, cooking techniques and possibilities across regions and cultures that address unmet consumer needs of the future.

To learn more about escaping this tension:

Reimagine Plant Proteins
Stay Motivated +
Health and nutrition remain pervasive concerns and motivators for Flexitarians. When meat is eliminated it creates concerns about nutritional deficiencies with iron and B12 as a particular focus.

These issues along with the cost differential of plant-based solutions versus meat create easy excuses for Flexitarians to lapse.

To learn more about escaping this tension:

Stay Motivated


Use our culinary expertise to replicate the flavor and succulence of traditional meat analogues such as burgers and sausages or satisfy immediate consumer needs with nutritious vegetarian, vegan, and seafood solutions.
Sweet Goods


From plant-based protein yoghurts to fortified bars, Firmenich Smart Protein solutions address the technical challenges of bitterness, grittiness and lack of creaminess while delivering great taste.



Smart proteins can be incorporated into a wide range of beverage applications for drinking occasions at any time of day. Our holistic approach will enable new possibilities for your health & wellness conscious consumers.
Address the growing demand for great tasting, healthy solutions the Smart way. To get started, click the button below and fill out the contact form to let Firmenich know that you would like to shape the future of taste together with us.
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